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Hello! My name is Tarun R Jain, and I'm currently in my final year of Electronics and Communication Engineering (BE). I'm a passionate coder with expertise in Machine Learning, Image Processing, and Deep Learning. I've published over 80 blog articles documenting my coding journey, and I'm actively involved in various communities, including Hugging Face-Keras Working Group, Deep Learning AI- Bangalore Ambassador, TensorFlow User Group Bangalore- Assistant Organizer and Geeksforgeeks- Technical content writer.

What I love most about coding is the ability to create something new and solve complex problems. I'm constantly learning and experimenting with new techniques to improve my skills and knowledge. In addition to my technical pursuits, I also enjoy watching anime and reading manga in my free time.

If you're interested in collaborating on a project or discussing a coding challenge, feel free to reach out to me.

I'm always excited to connect with fellow coders and learn from others. Thanks for stopping by!


I love Hackathons and Competitions

Optimize Prime Hackathon

Won 1st price in Optimize Prime organized by Phase Shift 21, BMSCE.

Quantum Hacks Hackathon

Won 1st prize for the problem statement given by organized by QuantumX, NHCE

IIC Ideathon

Presented my idea on a case study using Attention is all you need model and won 1st prize in the Ideathon.

Hackaphasia Hackathon

Won 2nd prize in Hackaphasia Hackathon organized by Phase Shift 22, BMSCE


Won 1st prize in Intuit22 project exhibition for our project on Hyperspectral Image Compression organized by CIT.

Technical Scripter

Technical Scripter 23 is a Technical Content writing competition organized by GeeksForGeeks and I my article ranked at 9th position.

Geeks Premier League

My article on Implementing Photoshop High Pass Filter (HPF) in python was ranked 22nd in Geeks Premier League conducted by Geeksforgeeks

IEEE Ideathon

Won 2nd prize in Ideathon celebrated on IEEE 2022 Day organized by CIT.


Projects based on my Skills

AI Recruitment App

MultiClass Classification Using GoogleNet

Image Segementation Using UNET

Real Time Object Detection and Distance Measurement



Hyperspectral Image Compression Using MATLAB

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